Amplified Impact: 9-month Leadership, Liberation & Impact Mastermind for Coaches and Transformational Leaders 

Money is not an accurate measure of impact, neither is the size of your email list, or social media followers. Impact is dynamic and has to do with the short and long term legacy of your life and work. In this mastermind participants will deeply connect with their purpose and values, learn about the different dimensions of impact, and learn the strategies to make a dynamic, amplified impact on your clients and the things you believe in. 


In this program you will increase your advanced coaching and facilitation skills, learn culturally competent coaching and liberation practices, build a social responsibility plan in your business, increase the diversity, equity and inclusion in your programs. Registration is currently open. CLICK HERE for more info. 

Private Coaching: 10-months of 1:1 support

Private coaching is for entrepreneurs and executives who want personal support and close mentorship as they learn to apply a lens of equity, diversity, inclusion and impact in the leadership of their organizations or personal practice. 


I work with individuals and institutions one-to-one support on a range of projects and needs including: 

  • Supporting public figures and thought leaders to help them authentically connect with more diverse audiences while helping them unpack their own white centering, bias, discrimination, and racism. 
  • Creating equity centered strategic plans and equity initiatives (scholarships, policies, practices, capacity building, etc.) 
  • Supporting leaders of color navigate their own business, career, and life practices to help them gain more freedom, flexibility, and peace. 
  • Executive coaching for leaders of non-profits and CEO's who want a thought partner and guide as solve issues related to sustainability, staffing, funding, and social responsibility. 

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Impact Intensive:  Full day or multi-day deep dives.

Impact Intensives are for people who are interested in working together who can't commit to long term private coaching. Intensives are customized to your needs and we can cover any of my content areas. Examples include: 

  • Retreats for work teams, or groups of friends who want to do a deep dive into any of the content areas I cover. 
  • Building a social impact strategy in your business
  • Unpacking race, privilege, bias, and exploring how these things have shaped your identity and impact your life and work. 
  • #BeABoss liberation and life workshops
  • Identity workshops for people of mixed-race heritage.
  • Leadership workshops for C-suite teams

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#BeABoss: Liberation, Life & Business Workshops

for Women of Color

#BeABoss programming includes a line of accessible yearlong, multi-session, and one day experiences that center the experiences and needs of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and other People of Color. BeABoss workshops are in-person, center community building, range in theme and target audience depending on the content. 


The flagship yearlong #BeABoss program is based in Hartford, CT and supports millennial women and non-binary folks on their personal and professional journey to build the life they want while they live the life they have. 


Interested in bringing a BeABoss workshop to your city? Let's have a chat :) 


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